As of 1st September 2019 our new pricing structure will be as follows.

Private eye examination
Contact lens check
Eye examination and contact lens check
Contact lens fitting

NHS eye examination (click here to see if you’re eligible)
Complete single vision spectacles
Complete bifocal spectacles
Complete varifocal spectacles
Daily disposable contact lenses
Monthly disposable contact lenses
Annual replacement contact lenses
Rigid gas permeable contact lenses

£30 (if completed as one appointment)
£25 (redeemable on first qualifying purchase of contact lenses)

From £40
From £60
From £70
From £25 / 30 day supply
From £15 / month
From P.O.A.
From P.O.A.

Contact lens patients paying monthly by standing order will be exempt from eye examination and contact lens check fees and will also be eligible for a 25% discount on all spectacle purchases.