contact lens aftercareWe recommend regular contact lens aftercare appointments to ensure you’re getting the most from your lenses.  Aftercare appointments give us a chance to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that you’re still getting the best possible vision with your lenses.  These appointments are vital because changes in the eye due to contact lens wear can easily go unnoticed and, without regular check-ups, serious damage could occur.

Your aftercare appointment

Please wear your lenses to your appointment, but bring your spectacles with you.  We’ll ask you a few questions about how you use your lenses, how frequently you wear them and any problems that you may have encountered with them.  Next, we’ll assess your vision with your lenses and check that they fit properly.  After we’ve examined the lenses in your eyes you will be asked to remove the lenses so that we can examine the health of your eyes.  This part of the examination includes putting an orange coloured dye in your eyes which highlights any damage that may have resulted from contact lens wear.  Once we have finished all of our examinations we will advise you on any adjustments that need to be made to the way you’re wearing your lenses, the type of lenses you wear or the prescription of the lenses.  

The aim of these regular appointments is to maintain excellent vision and eye health so that you have the best possible experience with your contact lenses.